10 March 2018

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UPCAT Reviewer Foreword

UPCAT Reviewer Foreword

Why indeed do college-bound students need to review for college entrance tests? Parents often remark that they did not see any need for themselves to review for college entrance tests a few years back and they passed anyway. And they are quick to add that all a student needs is ‘stock knowledge and common sense’. True. But the competition for slots in the different colleges of choice simply has become tougher. In most cases, students find a compelling need to acquire more knowledge and gain more confidence in order to pass college entrance tests.


To qualify for college, one must have a basic knowledge of specific subject areas and the ability to solve problems and answer questions requiring reasoning and logical thinking. An initial gauge of this would be language proficiency and critical reading skills since language is definitely an important tool in the acquisition of knowledge.

UPCAT Reviewer - A Study Guide    

This study manual (UPCAT Reviewer) aims to help prepare students for the college entrance tests. To achieve this, we have provided a discussion on important topics in Language and Reading that will help enhance communication skills and improve reading comprehension and a review of key concepts and relevant topics in Mathematics and Science. Also included are relevant drills and practice test in each subject area to ensure master of concepts, principles or rules. Familiarity with the types of questions in standardized college entrance tests and the ability to use different test-taking strategies will certainly benefit the students. Special topics such as Logic and Abstract Reasoning and vocabulary-building tools like the list of root words and affixes and a vocabulary list have been included as well. The overall objective is not only to prepare a student for the college entrance tests but also to ensure that he is ready for the academic challenge in the university.

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