we nurture love of learning

we encourage independent-thinking

Established as Click Tutorials in 1999, the venture was eventually incorporated as VEA LEARNING, Inc. in 2005.  Since inception the company has maintained a learning center on Katipunan Avenue in Quezon City. From the initial offer of individualized tutorials for grade school and high school students, VEA LEARNING CENTER has since included among its services, individualized tutorial and enrichment programs for all grade levels during the schoolyear and summer and the conduct of entrance test review classes.


As we help improve the students’ basic learning skills and increase their ability to gain knowledge, we aim to instill in them love of learning and to develop their capability for self-learning.  It is important for us to ensure that students progress up the academic ladder with increasing degree of independence until they are able to sustain and advance learning.


The review programs conducted by VEA Learning are UPCAT Review for college entrance tests,  SHS Review for Senior High School entrance test, PSHS Review for those taking the Philippine Science High School test, and JHS Review for the incoming junior high school students.  The reviews cover relevant topics and improve prerequisite skills that are crucial to passing the tests.


In addition, VEA Learning also offers an intensive preparation and enrichment program for children entering kindergarten or Grade 1 in the K-12 system.

Over the years, VEA Learning has focused on the careful preparation of teaching modules and materials. These materials are continuously improved and updated to suit the students’ needs.


To deliver these materials, VEA Learning maintains a roster of competent and dedicated mentors and lecturers who are teachers and graduates of the best universities and science high schools in the country. In addition, VEA learning holds dear their integrity as intellectuals, dedication as mentors and ability to inspire learning and achievement.


In order to reach more students, VEA Learning has published and will continue to publish its learning modules and materials. It was deemed necessary to first make the college and high school reviewers to heed the demands of students for additional review materials.


VEA Learning firmly believes that there are students who are capable of independent study and just need practice to get ready for college entrance tests.