Enrichment - After School Academic Program (ASAP)

True learning is achieved when students are drawn to the subject and find the lesson interesting. When learning is nurtured, mastery takes root.

A Saturday or Summer Enrichment Program available for individual students or a small group.


ASAP I is designed to give students a better understanding and appreciation of academic subjects taken up in school. With emphasis on topics specifically taken up in the classroom, the student improves his performance in school exams. Equally important goals are providing an overview of the subject and helping sustain interest in it, and assisting to gain mastery of the topics to ensure that students are prepared to understand advanced related topics on the subject. Programs include:

  • Grade School Math and Science
  • High School Math (Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry)
  • High School Science (General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics)

ASAP II is designed to improve skills and enrich knowledge in a particular subject.  With improved skills, learning is arrived at with understanding and insight.  Programs include:

  • Reading, Language and Math for Beginners
  • Math Concepts and Problem-solving Skills- Grade School to High School
  • Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary Building
  • Oral and Written English Communication Skills

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