Junior High School Review

An enrichment and review program designed to prepare Grade 6 students for entrance examinations to Junior High Schools of Ateneo, La Salle, Claret and other schools.

It aims for each student to:

  • Improve language communication and reading skills, as well as build an adequate vocabulary
  • Master Arithmetic concepts
  • Develop and improve Math computation skills
  • Develop and enhance problem-solving and numerical reasoning skills
  • Improve visual and logical analytical skills

Included are Language, Reading, Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, and Abstract and Logical Reasoning.

The review program provides a thorough discussion of topics in all the subjects included in the test and offers the students enough practice to understand and master the related concepts through drills and practice tests. An important aspect of the review is giving the student adequate experience to use test-taking techniques for them to be comfortable with test-taking and to be confident in their ability to get high scores in the test.

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