This reviewer, PISAY Junior High School REVIEWER, complements the students’ preparation in the review classes. As a self-study guide, the reviewer can be used to gain mastery of important topics and to improve basic learning skills by students who prefer to review on their own.

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Whether you are preparing to take the junior high school entrance test to a public or private school or an aptitude test to a science high school such as the Philippine Science High School or you simply wish to enhance your skills in communication and reading or improve your proficiency in mathematics and science, then this book is for you.

The reviewer has two major parts. The first half includes Language and Reading to help improve verbal communication skills; and, Arithmetic, Abstract Reasoning and Logic, to develop basic mathematical skills and numerical and logical reasoning. The second part includes Introductory Algebra and specific topics to further develop problem-solving ability; and, Science concepts and application to advance knowledge in and enhance understanding of Science and to promote adherence to a scientific way of investigating, thinking and doing things.

If you intend to go to a school with special courses in Mathematics and Science such as the Philippine Science High School and other science high schools all over the country, then the second half is definitely an integral part of your preparation. However, it is highly suggested that you first aim for proficiency in verbal communication skills including reading comprehension as well as mastery of basic arithmetic skills (Mathematics Part 1) before working on Mathematics Part 2 and the Science section.


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