UPCAT Reviewer – A Study Guide


This reviewer includes a comprehensive discussion of relevant topics and test-taking strategies, drills, practice tests, and simulated tests in all subject areas that are included in college entrance examinations.


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This reviewer includes a discussion of relevant topics, drills, practice tests, and simulated long tests in all subject areas included in college entrance examinations. To improve test-taking ability,  test-taking strategies are also given.


It is a fact that admissions tests to colleges and universities are designed to ensure that students who qualify have the aptitude and ability needed to successfully graduate.  It is therefore important to find a review center that offers a focused and comprehensive review and to get hold of the reviewer that is relevant and effective.


The UPCAT REVIEWER by VEA Learning provides students with practice tests, supplemented by an intensive but focused discussion on topics included in the college entrance tests – English, Mathematics and the basic Sciences.  Moreover, it provides adequate materials that improve basic learning skills and develop advanced learning skills.  When preparing for an examination, it is important to review, recall and relearn principles and theories.  To pass the tests, one should have had enough practice answering questions using relevant test-taking strategies included in the book.  One’s goal should be to get the highest score possible to get that acceptance letter from the university or college of your choice.


In the preparation of the UPCAT REVIEWER, we made sure to provide adequate drills, exercises and practice tests based on the range of topics an incoming freshman college should know and get a good grasp of.  Finally, the reviewer incorporates simulated tests that have been tested and fine-tuned through more than ten years of conducting small-class college reviews by the VEA Learning Center.




The review is organized in this order: English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, Biology, Ecology, Chemistry, and Physics. Each review consists of discussions on relevant topics and key concepts, test-taking strategies and practice drills or exercises.  Read the text very well and learn from it while improving your comprehension skills. After a review of each subject, test yourself and do the practice test for that subject which can be found at the end of the book. Practice the test-taking strategies.


Use the answer sheet and check your answers using the answer key afterwards.

Read, study and practice logic and abstract reasoning.  Take this opportunity to hone your reading skills and build a sizeable vocabulary by reading a lot of varied materials and using the vocabulary list and etymology guide provided. Most importantly, this book encourages you to study and learn independently, and suggests that you devise and follow a manageable and realistic program and schedule of study.




In 2016, with strict implementation of Department of Education’s K-12 curriculum, Grade 10 graduates who took the entrance tests to Senior High School (Grade 11 and 12),  used the UPCAT REVIEWER.  They found it useful and effective in equipping themselves with basic Language and Reading skills and in laying a firm foundation for basic high school Math and Science.

At the same time, Grade 10 students who were qualified to take the UPCAT (UP College Admissions Test) and other college entrance tests, after completing a “bridge program”, used the same reviewer.  Just as well, the book was used as a study manual providing them with a focused review of English grammar and usage and Math and Science concepts, and an adequate source of exercises and practice tests also giving them a chance to use suggested test-taking strategies.

In 2018, as the first batch of Senior High School graduates, a higher level of English proficiency and a corresponding higher degree of aptitude in Math and Science are expected of the graduates to qualify for the new college freshman curriculum. VEA LEARNING is now preparing to print its supplemental reviewer to this same UPCAT REVIEWER.   This supplement will provide practice exercises in English, Math and Science topics taken up in Senior High School.  To date, VEA LEARNING CENTER has revised and updated its UPCAT review program to meet the requirements of the new UPCAT and other college entrance tests.


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